Raise a Glass – It’s American Craft Beer Week!

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 Raise a glass and join us in saying "Cheers!" to American Craft Beer!

There is no question that beer has undergone some ups and downs in America's history. It went from being a staple in colonial American's diets, to being outlawed entirely during prohibition, and now stands as an increasingly popular beverage and burgeoning industry in the United States. According to the Brewer's Association, "Craft Beer" is considered to be that which is brewed by small, independently owned breweries and contains high quality, traditional ingredients. Naturally, this is a pretty slippery term that organizations like the Brewer's Association struggle to pin down. If you ask us though, that's precisely what is so remarkable about craft beer. It is innovative, unique, community based, and constantly changing. There are now more than 3,400 craft breweries in the United States and new ones opening up every day. From 2013 to 2014, 555 new breweries opened their doors! Believe it or not, this growth is only expected to continue. After the dark days of prohibition and the lack of grain and labor during World War II, only a few breweries remained in operation. The bulk of these companies produced a very limited number of beer styles made with large scale production processes and utilized a high amount of low cost ingredients like corn and rice. Today however, there are hundreds of different beer styles being produced and sold. Many of them, like the California Common, Cream Ale, and Double IPA, are uniquely American. So, besides the fact that craft beer is delicious, why celebrate it? Celebrate it because it's a collective of artisans and individuals passionate about quality. Celebrate it because it is a growing industry that is built by local communities and that remains dedicated to supporting them. Whether it is by hosting fundraisers, donating to local charities, or just by being a friendly, positive place where one can interact with other people passionate about craft beer and community, microbreweries work hard to make sure they are giving back to the beer drinkers that support them. On a national level, craft breweries contributed $33.9 billion to the U.S. economy and created more than 360,000 jobs in 2012 alone. The importance of drinking locally, drinking craft, and supporting your local brewery is becoming increasingly evident. While many of us celebrate American craft beer daily, join us this week in the tap room as we celebrate it together with breweries and beer drinkers around the country. With special events going on daily, we hope to share a beer with you soon! American Craft Beer Week events at Dale Bros Brewery include: Tuesday, May 12:  Kitchen Sink DIPA tapped at 12pm Beer Pairing Dinner with Buttercup Catering at 6pm! Buy tickets here: http://dalebrosbrew.bpt.me/ or at the brewery. Wednesday, May 13:  $1 off all Mango Shandy pints and GROWLER FILLS! Beer infused food by Pappas Artisanal 6pm Beer themed Trivia With Budds 7pm Thursday, May 14:  Buy a pint of our Gold Medal winning Cream Ale for $7 and keep the limited edition Pilsner glass! Friday, May 15: Brewer's Special Firkin tapped at 5pm Beer infused food by Bacon Mania 5pm Saturday, May 16: $1 off all Dude of York pints and growlers! Beer infused food by Cornageous all day Live music by The J-Birds 7pm Sunday, May 17: $1 off all Red Between The Lines pints and growlers! Beer infused MESquite BBQ 12pm  

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