Oktober Fiesta: Southwestern Twist on a Classic

By Posted in - Dale Brothers & Events on September 4th, 2014 5 Comments With the start of autumn just around the corner, we thought we’d warm up your palettes for the release of our Oktober Fiesta seasonal brew by sharing a brief history on the style of Oktoberfest beers, as well as some background on how our rendition came to be! Oktoberfest beers originated around 1840 and were considered amber lagers, made with rich German malt that provided a toasted malt flavor and aroma, along with a dark gold hue. During a time when temperature control for the brewing process was a difficult thing to achieve, brewers would usually cease near the end of spring to avoid spoiling brews in hot summer temperatures. In order to have beer available to drink during late summer and fall, Oktoberfest beer was brewed in the spring and was then stored in cold caves or cellars during the summer months to keep cool. This beer was also known as “Märzenbier,” in reference to the time of year it was brewed, usually in March (Märzen). The aging of this beer resulted in well-developed flavors that were welcomed by thirsty autumn beer drinkers, and Oktoberfest beers became a popular beverage for traditional celebrations during this time of the year. In the late 19th century, many Europeans who were looking to flee their war-ridden countries found refuge in the new world and brought many of their traditions along with them, including their aptitude for brewing delicious beer. Specifically, the people who settled in Mexico and the southwest region of the United States began to brew Oktoberfest style beers. However, when they began to brew this beer in the same way they had always done in their motherland, they were unsuccessful due to the drastic difference in pH levels found in their new water source. After some trial and error, they discovered that if they could acidify their brews a bit, a more desirable flavor would turn up. So they began using darker grains to brew their Oktoberfest style beers, which not only solved their pH issue, but also added a bigger and rounder malt profile and a deep orange-red hue. Today, many Oktoberfest style beers are still brewed in this “new world” tradition, offering bolder and richer varieties than its European counterpart. Finally, this is where our rendition comes into play. Our brewmaster’s vision for the Oktober Fiesta seasonal beer was for it to pay homage to the “new world” approach for Oktoberfest brews. With all imported European grain, hops from the Bohemian region, and San Francisco lager yeast, Oktober Fiesta is an excellent example of a beer that has old world tradition, with some new world flare. Our focus is to produce a well balanced, sessionable beer with rounded malt flavor and aroma that is easy to drink by itself, or paired with your favorite Mexican cuisine! The good news is that this beer is now available in our taproom for you to try! So instead of us boring you with how much we love it, come in and try for yourself! We hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as we do! Cheers! Last but not least, we’d like to announce our upcoming event in conjunction with our beer release, our annual OKTOBER FIESTA celebration! Join us on Saturday, October 11th for great beer, food, live music, and more! Here are the details: The event will last from 12pm till 10pm with last call at 9:30pm. $10 cover charge for ages 21 and up – this includes a Dale Bros stein and first fill *A portion of the proceeds goes to Upland Community Partnership for Youth Development, a non-profit organization, which supports programs that enhance the educational, social, physical, and emotional needs of Upland youth. Food: Pappas Artisanal 1-9pm Slummin’ Gourmet 5-9pm Music: Frank Rote Polka Band 2:30-5pm Big Boss Band 6-9pm Also, there will be SPECIAL BEER RELEASES! (limited quantities) “CRANGO”- A blend of Sour Cran-Cherry Queen, Oktober Fiesta, and Mango Shandy Galleano Port Barrel Aged Beers Habañero IPA! We hope to see you all here for the festivities!

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  • Susan Detiveaux - Reply

    September 20, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    Can outside vendors join?

    • admin - Reply

      October 3, 2014 at 1:44 pm

      Hi Susan,

      Unfortunately we do not have room for more vendors at this event. Thanks for your inquiry!

  • Dale Bros. Brewery in Upland | Savory Road - Reply

    September 29, 2014 at 10:16 am

    […] Dale Bros. is celebrating Oktoberfest with their Oktober Fiesta Beer and Fiesta on October 11th. Check it out. […]

  • Dale Ottley - Reply

    October 6, 2014 at 12:05 pm

    How do we attain tickets? Do we purchase on line or are they being sold at the door?

    • admin - Reply

      October 10, 2014 at 3:34 pm

      Hey there,

      They are available at the door only. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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