Hold on a second. What happened to Dale Bros?

We thought that being that we are two brothers with the last name Dale, calling our company Dale Bros Brewery was a natural. As the company grew, we decided it would be a grown-up move to trademark our name. But unfortunately, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office turned down our application. Turns out there’s another Dale in craft brewing, and, well, in all fairness, he got here first. Plus everyone kept calling the brewery wanting to talk to Dale. And frankly it was all just pretty confusing. So we thought, and we thought, and we thought some more and decided to just keep it simple – hence LAST NAME Brewing. Get it?! Call us what you want – we’re still a couple of black sheep doing things our own way. Click here for the full story.

Bottoms Up!

Proper Names



  • Correct: LAST NAME Brewing
  • Incorrect: Dale Bros. Brewery


Year-Round Beers

  • LAST NAME Brewing Pomona Queen®
  • LAST NAME Brewing Runway IPA™
  • LAST NAME Brewing California Black Beer™
  • LAST NAME Brewing Red Between the Lines®


Seasonal Beers

  • LAST NAME Brewing Oktober Fiesta™
  • LAST NAME Brewing Winter Haze™
  • LAST NAME Brewing Shameless McDale™
  • LAST NAME Brewing The Dude of York™
  • LAST NAME Brewing Pacific Daylight™

Age Check

[LAST NAME] Brewing is for beer-lovers 21 and older.